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      Creating Value in the Struggle
        Source:本站 Data:2020-09-07

      Creating Value in the Struggle


      Wu Fugui, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of SHENZHUANG GROUP



      Shenzhen in May, what a thriving place full of blooming flowers! On the occasion of the May 1st International Labor Day and the May 4th Youth Day approaching, on behalf of the Group’s Party Committee, Board of Directors and management team, I would like to extend holiday greetings and high respect to the workers working in all fronts of the company and the young fighters in their youth!


      Labor is the inexhaustible source for creating value, and the only way to success. Looking back on the glorious history of SHENZHUANG GROUP in the past 34 years, from "Golden Coast Five-star Hotel", which has broken many industry records, to "The China Millennium Monument", which is an era monument shining decoration culture for thousands of years, from the "National Center for the Performing Arts", which is unique in the world's elegant culture, to "CITIC Tower", which symbolizes the new height of China's urban construction, the creation of these new records is a great witness to the courage of the workers of SHENZHUANG GROUP to challenge and struggle. Generations of SHENZHUANG people have made extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts with sacred missions and responsibilities, outstanding labor creation and selfless struggle and dedication, and have written a magnificent chapter worthy of the times.


      To create value in the struggle, we should firm our confidence and maintain our focus. At present, new major changes are taking place in the epidemic prevention and control and economic situation at home and abroad. The spread of overseas epidemic situation tends to peak, and the world economic development is under severe impact. China's economic development, especially the recovery of the industrial chain, is facing severe challenges. Exactly at the time when we are facing the difficulties, we should firm our confidence and not be discouraged. We should be soberly aware that the epidemic will not shake the solid foundation for China's long-term stable development. The CPC and government are fully confident, qualified and capable to unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups in the country to overcome various risks and challenges. In this year, the Group has established the development theme of "new starting point, new driving force and new future", which is an era subject that we need to think about and face after the social progress and enterprise development entered a new historical stage. We believe that as long as we firm our confidence in development, maintain our strategic focus, be not afraid of hardships and obstacles, and dare to face difficulties, we will certainly be able to create new achievements, achieve new breakthroughs and win a new future.


      To create value in the struggle, we should apply our knowledge and enhance our connotation. Only by studying hard can we create value. Studying is the ladder to achieve progress, the foundation of career achievement and the shortcut to change life. At present, the development of the Group is in the best historical opportunity period to return to the peak of the industry, with extremely glorious missions and extremely important responsibilities. To make our dream come true, all SHENZHUANG people should not only have a strong sense of honor and responsibility, but also a deep sense of crisis and urgency and should cherish job opportunities, adjust working conditions and improve working standards. We should consider strengthening study as an eternal life topic, do not relax for a moment, learn theory from books, learn experience from peers, and learn progress in society to improve quality and ability. All colleagues should take the post as a learning platform, be loyal to the enterprise, love own job, do the best, pursue perfection, and strive to be a pacesetter and expert in different positions.


      To create value in the struggle, we should overcome the difficulties and be enthusiastic for pressing on. Without labor, there will be no harvest, not to mention development. Affected by the epidemic situation, facing many difficulties and under great pressure, it is a heavy task to achieve the operation and development goals of the Group in 2020. However, difficulties are not reasons, pressure is not an excuse. The more difficult and dangerous, the more we move forward. It is the inheritance of the military blood running through our SHENZHUANG people's veins. No challenge can stop the brave from moving forward. We can achieve our goals and tasks only if we forge ahead and work hard. At present, all kinds of front-line projects of the Group are carried out. We need to carry forward the traditional fighting spirit of "inserting the red flag on the top of the mountain", work overtime to seize time, and work hard day and night to push forward the progress so as to recover the construction period and benefit affected by the epidemic situation, strive to ensure the realization of the annual targets and tasks and realize the value of workers with first-class performance.


      General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "Struggle itself is a kind of happiness, and only a struggling life can be called a happy life". Only the struggling youth has value, and is worth cherishing and retrospect. Labor is the most glorious and struggle is the most meaningful. Let's live up to our time, forge ahead, and roll up our sleeves to work harder to build a bright future for SHENZHUANG GROUP with our sweat from hardworking and struggling youth!

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